Anna R.

We had our first child a couple of weeks ago and decided early on to have a home birth. We interviewed all the midwives in the area and decided on Lucy and never once did we doubt our decision. For me, it was important to have a mother figure. For my husband, it was important to him to have a midwife that was an experienced professional that would make wise judgment calls if there was an emergency. Lucy far exceeded our expectations and was the most wonderful care provider I have ever come in contact with. She made our home birth experience be what it was; absolutely perfect. Her calming presence, expert bedside manner, and experience she brought to our home the day our daughter was born was unbelievable. She has a true passion for life, children and laboring moms-it is a God given gift. I would not only highly recommend Lucy, but there is no one else I would choose to be our midwife. Thank you Lucy for all that you have done for our family! We love you!