Birth Stories & Testimonials

Mostly Kims birth 078Welcome to the page closest to my heart! I treasure all my clients, and am so honored to be able to share some of their testimonials and birth stories here.

We had our first child a couple of weeks ago and decided early on to have a home birth. We interviewed all the midwives in the area and decided on Lucy and never once did we doubt our decision. For me, it was important to have a mother figure. For my husband, it was important to him to have a midwife that was an experienced professional that would make wise judgment calls if there was an emergency. Lucy far exceeded our expectations and was the most wonderful care provider I have ever come in contact with. She made our home birth experience be what it was; absolutely perfect. Her calming presence, expert bedside manner, and experience she brought to our home the day our daughter was born was unbelievable. She has a true passion for life, children and laboring moms-it is a God given gift. I would not only highly recommend Lucy, but there is no one else I would choose to be our midwife. Thank you Lucy for all that you have done for our family! We love you!

Anna R.

Heart to Heart provides wonderful care full of education and support, and as a first time mom, this is exactly what I needed. Lucy and her apprentice always made me feel comfortable to ask any question or share any concern. Although my birth story didn’t go quite as planned, I’m very thankful to have had these two ladies with me the entire way. It’s a story I’ll be very proud to share with my son one day.

Elizabeth S.

On December 2, 2015 our second son was born and Lucy helped us have an amazing birth experience. In the middle of the night it started…3.5 weeks before the due date…husband 2000 miles away…alone at home with an almost one year old.

Lucy immediately responded to my text in the middle of the night. She was very calm and let me decide when it was time to come, … but offered to come right away in case I was feeling uncomfortable on my own. When she came she took the time to talk to me, observed how I was doing and we made a plan. We called a third person to come and help as I wanted to make sure we had enough help in the house.

At 9.10am a beautiful boy was born. I could not have wished for a more amazing birth than having our son at home with Lucy.

It might require a little bit of courage to choose for a home birth, but it’s so amazing! And Lucy has tons of experience.

Pauke C.

Lucy is an amazing midwife, and after having 6 babies with her she is also a wonderful friend!! She has a warm, friendly, comforting personality, all while maintaining a professional flair as well! I highly recommend partnering with Lucy, for a safe and beautiful birth!!!!

Miriam K.

I definitely recommend Lucy to any mom or couple wanting a professional, relaxed, natural, home-birth experience. She was there for us for the last six of our eight births.

Glen K.

We have had the privilege of using Lucy as our midwife with five of our children! She is kind, knowledgable, compassionate, and extremely competent. I always appreciated her gentleness and confidence during my labor and deliveries. I would highly recommend Lucy.

Vicki H.

Lucy was my midwife in May of 2012 and was absolutely amazing! She gave me the perfect first birth experience and I was so thankful to have her by my side.

Emily L.

Wondeful, wonderful! Loving and caring. If there were to be another baby, Lucy is my first call!

Cecili C.

Lucy is so sweet! With every little question I had she immediately responded. We were able to go to her home for the majority of the prenatals (except towards the end when she does home visits). It was a very comfortable atmosphere and almost felt like it was my own mom tending to me. We spent most of our visits giggling away.

Sara S.