Pauke C.

On December 2, 2015 our second son was born and Lucy helped us have an amazing birth experience. In the middle of the night it started…3.5 weeks before the due date…husband 2000 miles away…alone at home with an almost one year old.

Lucy immediately responded to my text in the middle of the night. She was very calm and let me decide when it was time to come, … but offered to come right away in case I was feeling uncomfortable on my own. When she came she took the time to talk to me, observed how I was doing and we made a plan. We called a third person to come and help as I wanted to make sure we had enough help in the house.

At 9.10am a beautiful boy was born. I could not have wished for a more amazing birth than having our son at home with Lucy.

It might require a little bit of courage to choose for a home birth, but it’s so amazing! And Lucy has tons of experience.